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Weatertight Doors

GOS offers Weather tight doors that can be found  in almost any sector in the maritime industry.  The hinged doors give a 100% watertight seal and are made to fit the toughest conditions.  Splashtight weathertight and water tight central closing doors are built according to classification rules and regulations.

Weathertight and Splashtight doors 


available in:

    •    Stainless steel, 

    •    Steel  

    •    Aluminum

    •    GRP

constructed to meet the toughest seagoing conditions our doors are maintenance free and easy to install.   

doors are available in either 2, 4 or 6 closing points.  We offer optional accessories such as:

    •    Locks

    •    Windows and Portholes

    •    Anti-piracy

    •    Open-close indications

    •    Wind hook/door stopper

    •    Insulation (fire/acoustic)


Our quality and delivery time is unmatched in the market place.

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